JAGS 0.99.2 is released

I am working towards getting the rjags interface with R to work properly. This requires some changes to the file layout, so this release conforms to the GNU standards for installing files instead of trying to put everything in one subdirectory.

You will need to manually remove any previous JAGS installation. The new one will not overwrite it, as the files are installed in different places.

Windows users now have a self-extracting archive for installation, built using the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, which creates menu short-cuts and provides facilities for uninstalling JAGS. I hope this will persuade Windows users who have not previously tried JAGS to take a look at it.

New scripting commands: dir (list directory), cd (change directory), pwd (print working directory) and run (run script) have been added to the scripting language. These should help you navigate around the file system from inside a JAGS session.

Edit: Solaris requires a header that was missing. I sneaked it in without changing the version number.