JAGS 3.0.0 is released

Somewhat later than I originally planned, JAGS 3.0.0 is released and can be downloaded from Sourceforge.  The corresponding R interface package rjags has been uploaded to CRAN

There are no new modules or features in this release. I have been concentrating on bug fixes, removing speed bottlenecks and  improving the error messages when something goes wrong. For a detailed list of changes, look in the NEWS file that comes with the source distribution.

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5 thoughts on “JAGS 3.0.0 is released

  1. Martyn – I note that the Mac version of rjags is still 2.2. Can you give me some idea as to when you plan to update rjags for Mac?
    Best wishes,
    Alan Kelly
    Trinity College Dublin

  2. I am looking to build a new JAGS binary.

    The release of 3.0 has corresponded with the release of 10.7 Lion and I would like to build the new binary on Lion. I need to do some more testing before I switch to Lion for production.

    Also the opensource for Apple’s compiler tools includes gfortran within LLVM-gcc. There is no gfortran binary in with the Xcode LLVM-gcc but it should not be too hard to build.

    Also I am going away for a long weekend. So it will not get done until next week.


  3. Hi,

    We automate the installation of rjags and R2jags from the CRAN repository, so when our cluster reinstalls it grabs the latest stable version. This is a problem for cluster installations for R as it’s non-trivial to install a backdated version of an R package, and the new version of rjags requires JAGS 3.0.0.

    We need the rpm package for JAGS 3.0.0 to automate the JAGS install, is it available yet?


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