What’s new in JAGS 4.0.0 part 4/4: Things that are not new

Somewhat undermining the premise of this series of posts, the last entry is about things that are not new.

The JAGS documentation needs a major overhaul. Although I started revising the documentation, I backed out my changes for the release of JAGS 4.0.0 because it would have taken too long to complete. It was much more important to get the new release out than to update the documentation. One motivation for writing these blog posts was to draw users’ attention to new features that I wanted people to be aware of, even though they are not documented. There are other features – new distributions and samplers – that are currently undocumented and hence hidden. These will miraculously appear as “new” features as they are documented during the JAGS 4.x.y release series.


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