JAGS tutorial at useR! 2017

I am giving a pre-conference tutorial on JAGS at useR! 2017 in Brussels on 4 July. You can see the outline of the tutorial on the conference website along with the other tutorials being given the same day.

This is my first pre-conference tutorial. Last year I gave a three day course on JAGS at the University of Zurich, so I have plenty material. My main problem is not over-filling the 3-hour time slot.


4 thoughts on “JAGS tutorial at useR! 2017

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  2. Hi Martyn, looks like an interesting outline, too bad that I won’t be there. Will there be slides etc. posted somewhere? I’d be really interested in your take on the part ‘Understanding the strengths of the different R packages that interface to JAGS’, obviously because of dclone which is not listed šŸ™‚

    All the best, Peter

    • Hi Peter. Data cloning is an advanced topic that I can’t do justice to in a 3-hour tutorial. I think the course material will go online before the conference so that the participants can download it.

      • Thanks and it makes sense of course, I will check out the material. I was mostly thinking of safe RNGs with L’Ecuyer module and parJagsModel, parUpdate, parCodaSamples functions, and parLoadModule/parSetFactory to regain control over the settings — again probably too specific for the 3-hour slot.

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