JAGS 4.0.1 for Mac OS X

It transpires that JAGS 4.0.0 for Mac OS X has an unwanted runtime dependency on libgfortran. The bugs module will not load on systems that do not have libgfortran installed. This has been corrected with the release of JAGS 4.0.1, now available from Sourceforge.

This is for Mac only. There will be no official release of JAGS 4.0.1 for other platforms, as these were unaffected by the bug.


JAGS 4.0.0 is released

After a long gestation period, JAGS 4.0.0 was finally released last week. If you go to the project page on Sourceforge then you should see an appropriate download link for your platform (binary packages for Windows and Mac OS X; source tarball for other platforms). Binary packages are also available for some Linux distributions. See the JAGS homepage for details.

Mac users should note that you need OS X 10.9 or later (i.e. Mavericks, Yosemite, or El Capitan). Older releases are no longer supported.

The rjags package for R has been updated to work with the new release of JAGS. It is not yet uploaded to CRAN, and the version of rjags that is available on CRAN (rjags_3-15) does not work with JAGS 4.0.0. However, you can download rjags_4-3 from Sourceforge. Again, binary packages are available for Windows (.zip) and Mac OS X (.tgz).

JAGS 3.4.0 for Mavericks

Thanks to Matt Denwood, we now have a binary distribution of JAGS 3.4.0 for Mac OS X Mavericks. There is a separate binary for older Mac OS X releases (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion). Both binary packages can be downloaded from the files page.

[Update 2014-09-11] The rjags package for Mavericks is now available from CRAN. To make it work, you need to have the right combination of R and JAGS:

  1. If you installed the R-3.1.1-mavericks.pkg version of R then you need to install JAGS-Mavericks-3.4.0.dmg
  2. If you installed the R-3.1.1-snowleopard.pkg version of R then you need to install JAGS-SnowLeopard-3.4.0.dmg

If you get an error about a missing symbol then you have the wrong combination of R and JAGS.

[Update 2014-11-28] Note that if you are running Mavericks or Yosemite then you cannot assume that you are running the  “Mavericks” version of R, as the “Snow Leopard” version also runs on the latest releases of Mac OS X. If you are not sure which R binary package is installed then type


at the R prompt (note the dot at the beginning). This will either say mac.binary or mac.binary.mavericks. Follow the corresponding link to get the right binary version of JAGS to match your R installation.

If you are still having problems, come to the JAGS forums.

rjags 3 for Mac OS X

R package rjags-3_5 is now available for Mac OS X.  You need to install  JAGS version 3.1.0 , then install the rjags package in the usual way from within R.

There are some restrictions, you need to be running R 2.13.0 or above (and to keep up to date you should be running 2.14.0) and the package is only built for sub-architecture i386.

Thanks to Bill Northcott, who provides the JAGS installers, and Simon Urbanek, who produces the R binary packages for Mac OS X.

rjags 2.2.0 for Mac OS X

Version 2.2.0 of the rjags package for R is now available on CRAN. Previously, the version of rjags for Mac (2.1.0) was incompatible with the latest release of the JAGS library (2.2.0).  Let me know if you have any further problems. I’m not a Mac user myself.  In fact JAGS on Mac would not exist at all without the help of Bill Northcott, who makes binaries of the JAGS library, and Simon Urbanek who builds  the Mac OS X binaries for all R packages on CRAN.