JAGS 4.3.0 is released

The source tarball for JAGS 4.3.0 is now available from Sourceforge. Binary distributions will be available later. See the updated manual for details of the features in the new version. This version is fully compatible with the current version of rjags on CRAN.


18 thoughts on “JAGS 4.3.0 is released

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  3. Hello. What’s the best way to uninstall/remove a previous version of JAGS on macOS? I’d like to install the latter version of JAGS but according to some sources it’s better to remove the previous version of JAGS. Thank you!

  4. Hi Dr Plummer, thanks very much for your work on JAGS, I have just got started using it and it is very helpful. One question though in your 4.3 user manual I can’t seem to find any section that gives a list of distributions that are supported, their functions, and the parameters they require, e.g. dnorm(0, 1e-4) I assume the second parameter is the precision or the square root of the precision but can’t seem to find which it is.

    • The normal distribution is covered in section 9.2.1 of the JAGS user manual which covers continuous univariate distributions in the bugs module. It might be easier to find if I add an index at the back. I’ll look into that for the next version.

  5. Dear Martyn, Thank you so much for all your work with JAGS! I noticed that up to JAGS 4.2 in conjugate beta prior – binomial likelihood problems the “ConjugateBeta” sampler was used. I just noticed that JAGS 4.3 uses “BinomSlicer”. I wonder what motivated the change. Thank you!

    • That’s just a silly mistake. When I added BinomSlicer sampling method, I accidentally gave it higher precedence than the conjugate sampler. I will fix this.

  6. Hi. I’m not sure if JAGS-4.3.0.exe found on sourceforge is meant to be used also for R 3.3.0 or later on Windows. Can you please clarify? Thank you.

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